Grade 7 & 8 Student Exchange

ADI Has a Distinctive Program

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ADI, Inc. is none for innovation in programming that ensures student success. Our wonderful exchange students and exchange teachers deserve the absolute best we can offer.
Most ADI, Inc. exchange placements are in heterogeneous private Christian schools. This provides a safe environment and experiences with students of varied ability and cultures. These schools also offer rigorous preparation for competitive university programs. ADI select high school programs often include up to two years of university credit for highly motivated students.

  • 24/7 Parent Updates
  • Assigned Mentors
  • ESL Support
  • First Class Travel Programs
  • Premier University Visits
  • Students Goal Setting
  • Student Leader Training
  • Mentor and School Accountability
  • Career and University Advising
  • Student Experience Video

ADI Anticipated Outcomes

  • Personal Maturation
  • Greater Self-confidence
  • Improved English Skills
  • Improved Writing
  • Higher Acceptance Rate at Premier Universities
  • Enhanced Time Management Skills

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